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Paw Print Plaque, Bronzed


Shadow Box

Paper Weight

Oval Black Plaque

We are the exclusive central Arkansas carriers of the Bronzed paw print plaque.  An impression of your pet's paw will be made BEFORE cremation. PLEASE alert your veterinary clinic or our office (501) 831-4562, our 24 hour phone - ASAP that you desire a bronze paw print so we will be able to take your pet's paw impression.  Bronzing is a 27 step process:  therefore, please allow 6-8 weeks for completion.  You may choose a Cherry or Oak plaque and the engraved plate may be up to 3 lines, 25 characters per line.  Also available is a lovely shadow box with pet's picture, paw print in bronze and an engraved plate, attractive paperweight with your pet's bronzed paw print, and a bronze framed oval with your pet's paw print - these items are protected by copyright by Patty Cakes Corporation and we are the exclusive suppliers.